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Jaylin Makes a Move to Chase her Nursing Career Goals

For CNA to LPN Bridge student, Jaylin Cezar-Butac, a career in nursing was something she dreamed of doing since she was little, admiring her grandmother leaving for work every day in her nursing scrubs. In 2021, Jaylin obtained her nurse aide certification and began working at Garden Isle Rehab and Nursing on Kauaʻi. At Garden Isle, she continues to find her inspiration through first-hand experiences as a nurse assistant. “Seeing and caring for the residents makes me want to continue nursing and not want to give up,” she says. “It made me realize that it’s something that I wanted to do not only as a career, but something I want to do, taking care and helping those who are unable to care for themselves.”

Pursing a nursing degree proved to be more challenging than she expected. The competition was fierce, and after applying for a local nursing program she was disappointed to find out that she was waitlisted. She moved to California to seek more opportunities, but she was then contacted by the Administrator of Garden Isle asking her if she would be interested in coming back and joining the CNA to LPN Bridge program. Her answer was “Yes!” and she returned to Kauaʻi five months after leaving for California.

Jaylin is happy to be in the bridge program, and is thrilled that the expenses are being covered by various grants and tuition assistance programs.

“School is very expensive,” Jaylin says. “And I feel so blessed to be able to be doing this nursing program without having to worry about tuition cost, textbooks, and other nursing fees.”

Jaylin has already recommended the CNA to LPN Bridge program to many of her friends. She says,

“I’m loving it so far. There’s a stigma with nursing programs and nursing professors about how difficult it can be and how harsh the workload can be. But with this bridge program, you can really see and feel the support that is behind you. Sometimes that’s all you need to succeed.”

We look forward to seeing Jaylin and her cohort graduate at the end of the year and join the workforce of much needed nurses in the communities around the islands.

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Wonderful, Jaylin, you're an inspiration! So glad you came back home to pursue your studies on island:) Keep up the good work!

Martha (O'ahu cohort)

Mi piace
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