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Workforce Development Initiative Launched to Help Fill Needed Positions

A statewide workforce development initiative called Good Jobs Hawaii was launched on Monday, January 30, 2023, with $35-million in funding from multiple federal, state, county and philanthropic resources. More than 70 employers from industries in health care, technology, clean energy/skilled trades, and the creative field have partnered with the University of Hawaii Community Colleges to identify needed positions and provide free skills training in these areas. Hale Makua and Ohana Pacific Health

Chief Executive Officer Wesley Lo said that workforce development efforts have helped provide essential workers for their skilled nursing facilities. “With the recent earn and learn glidepath for CNAs to become LPNs, our nurses can continue to work while in school, enabling them to provide for their families while advancing their career to earn a living wage. We’re grateful for this collaboration and the Good Jobs initiative that supports employers by directly addressing staffing.” Good Jobs Hawaii will help fund programs at Hale Makua and OPH like the CNA to LPN Bridge Program which launched last month.

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